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Business History

Founded in 2002, SRG Roofing & Gutter Pros is a private, family owned business with our main focus towards providing high quality jobs for our customers.

We are Licensed, Insured, and bonded for all you protection needs.  

Beyond the Warranty:

Most roofing material manufactures have moved to a lifetime warranty on their shingles.  While we applaud the manufacture's desire to give the customer greater peace of mind, if the materials are not installed correctly, the warranty will do you no good.  It is important that you thoroughly check out any roofer, and make certain that you are comfortable with his or her ability to handle your project properly.  We highly recommend hiring a roofing contractor who has many years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.  We will be happy to show you a list of references, and we look forward to adding your name to that list.

Keeping you informed:

An open line of communication is key to any relationship.  Hiring a roofing & Gutter contractor is no different.  When you hire SRG Roofing & Gutter Pros to install your next roof or gutters, we will be up front and explain in detail every aspect of the solution we are providing.  Rest assured that we will answer your inquiries in a timely manner, and we understand that information is important to maintaining the reputation we have built. 

SRG Roofing & Gutter Pros  works as a TEAM, from the first call to the office, to the project manager that arrives to your home.  We TEAM together to make the entire project complete on time, and in the outcome that you expected from the start.

SRG Roofing & Gutter Pros is proud to provide quality roof & Gutter installations and repairs in The Woodlands TX  and surrounding areas.  You can trust that your roof is in good hands when our highly trained staff takes on your project.  Whether your roof simply needs to be repaired, or you need a entirely new roof, we will install every shingle to exacting standards to ensure that you received the full benefit and longevity that was intended.

From the moment you call SRG Roofing & Guttter Pros, you will find our staff to be courteous and respectful, and we will go the extra mile to make you a very satisfied customer.  We will make every effort to keep your property clean and free of debris and will do a thorough cleaning of any project related materials prior to our departure.

We rebuild your roof the right way.  All roofs start with a complete tear off down to the decking, and rebuilt all the way back to manufactures and engineers recommendations, and to all codes and standards.  All roofs are WP8 State of Texas winded stormed.

Call us Now for a free roof or Gutter inspection and estimate. Our goal is to maintain better built re-roofing, customer services and quality control. Please check us out on the local Houston BBB